Keeping Your Score and Internet Posting


You must keep and post your individual score for Nine Holes on every day you play, except when the format is a scramble.    If you are playing in a partner’s best ball event, if you do not complete a hole, you should take your most likely score that you would have received if you had holed out.


All WSCGA members can access the Internet Posting screen by using the GHIN app on your phone.  Follow the prompts to post your score.  If you post hole by hole, the program will adjust your equitable stroke total for you.  If you post Total Score, you must make the Equitable Stroke adjustments yourself before posting.


Equitable Stroke Control –  Effective January 1, 2020.

Your equitable score on any hole is equal to par plus 2 plus the number of pops you are awarded on that hole because of your handicap.  If your handicap is 36, you would have 2 pops on each hole.  If your handicap is 30, you will have 2 pops on each hole and 1 pop on the 6 easiest holes as indicated on the scorecard.  For assistance with this, please see the pro shop or your handicap chairperson.