Good morning fellow Niners,

It is hard to believe we are at the middle of July already, although we hit a high of 120 last week so that is certainly an indicator that summer is well advanced! Those of us who are still in the desert are persevering through the heat but I hope it is cooler wherever you may be.

The course opening schedule for next fall is as follows:
     Challenge Course: closes 9/21 and reopens 10/24
     Championship Course: closes 10/12 and reopens 11/14
     Putting green and Driving Range: Closes 9/21 and reopens 10/24
     Lower Practice Area: closes 10/19 and reopens 11/14
There will be an 11 day period when both courses are closed – from 10/12-10/23.

In her usual efficient fashion, Sue Stevens has posted all of the Niners’ activity dates on the Niners’ website so you may consult the calendar for proposed event dates. Unfortunately it will not be a ‘normal’ season. No one knows what fall and winter may bring so we will all need to remain flexible. It is likely we will need to modify or cancel events based on conditions at the time. Regardless of what happens with events it is always a treat to reunite with old friends and play golf so I am looking forward to seeing you all in the fall.

In the meantime please have a happy, healthy, and safe summer!



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