Duties of Appointed Officers

Duties of Appointed Officers

Handicap Chairperson. The Handicap Chairperson will be responsible for the keeping and filing of accurate records of all members and their handicaps in accordance with the instructions of the Women’s Southern California Golf Association. The Handicap Chairperson will be responsible for providing oversight in identifying and recording members receiving birdies, etc. and for ordering and distributing appropriate awards to members. Additionally, she will provide oversight for maintaining the ringer book and the distribution of year-end results to members.

2. Roster Chairperson. The Roster Chairperson will maintain the official Lady Niners Roster and will make arrangements for the publication of the Lady Niners Roster Notebook.

3. Membership/Website Administrator.  The Membership Chairperson will receive applications, process checks, and will extend a welcome to new members of the Lady Niners.  She will be responsible for keeping current the member roster on the Lady Niners’ website as new members are added.  She will collect all related data from other chairs and officers and will collate the information appropriately for the Lady Niners’ website.

4. Big Sister/Little Sister Coordinator.  The Coordinator will work with the Membership Chair and golf staff to match new Lady Niners members with a Big Sister from the current Niner membership.  She will provide each Big Sister with a packet of pertinent information for each Big Sister to use in welcoming her Little Sister, and she will be available to help make sure each Little Sister feels welcomed, fully informed, and comfortable.

5. Bulletin Board/Publicity Chairperson. The Bulletin Board/Publicity Chairperson will maintain the Lady Niners Bulletin Board, create flyers publicizing League events and post sign-up sheets for Lady Niners events.

6. Historian Chairperson. The Historian will take or obtain photos of Niner events and maintain the Lady Niners DVDs and memorabilia.

7. Sunshine Chairperson/Luncheon Liaison. The Sunshine Chairperson/Luncheon Liaison will send congratulations, get well or other correspondence or flowers to Lady Niners, as appropriate. She will also assist the monthly luncheon committee members when discussing and arranging the luncheon meal with the Food/Beverage staff.

8. Putting Club Chairperson. The Putting Club chairperson will co-ordinate putting club competitions.